And so it begins…

For many years now, creating a blog, along with writing a book, have been a few aspirations of mine.  I remember back in my early twenties chatting with my girlfriend Leah over happy hour in downtown Seattle, filling her in on my latest dating story.   And oh man, did I tend to have some really messed up great dating stories.  So much so that I proclaimed that I should really write a book about all my suitors, my experiences with them, and and the crazy things that came out of their mouths.  Naturally my girlfriend agreed, and came to the consensus that it would be a best seller.  As a young twenty something though, I never seemed to get around to jotting down my stories, and since then have permanently blocked most of those events out of my brain.  Probably for the best…


(Above photo: Traci and Leah circa 2009)

Now years later, I’ve moved to sunny southern California and have been in wonderful long term relationship with my boyfriend Joel, and my era of crazy dating stories in the city has officially ended.  And that’s what brings me here today to the blog world!  It’s time to turn this aspiration into a reality!  YAY!   I love going on adventures, traveling near and far, and seizing the moment.  Excitement is what I live for, and lucky for me I get excited about not only the big things, but the little things as well!  Like finding a new outfit, coming up with new recipes, and even my beautiful laundry basket. (Yes really! I look at this glorious basket we throw clothes in and feel giddy inside!


(Above Photo: My lovely boyfriend, Joel and I)


(Above photo: The aforementioned glorious laundry basket!)

Here at “Yes to Champagne” I plan on sharing my adventures and little pleasures with you, in hopes to inspire you to look inside your everyday life and find the little joys that make YOU feel giddy inside.  And celebrate them!  Because everyday life is worth celebrating, and in my book celebrations call for champagne. So please join me and say YES!

Cheers <3


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