“The Couple Next Door”

I use reading as a mini escape from reality, so when I choose a book, I want it to grab my attention and suck me in!  So when I saw the title “14 Books You’ll Want to Read in One Sitting” while browsing Pinterest, I had to take a peak!  I LOVE Thrillers, and “The Couple Next Door” was one of the thrillers listed.  After reading the short description, I knew I had found my next read!  I’m a total library girl, so I went straight to my local library’s website to see if they carried this book.  In fact they did, but it was on a wait list!  I was somewhere around the 22nd person on the waiting list. (what?!)  So I thought I wouldn’t be reading this book until sometime next year!  Surprisingly enough though, I received an email on Friday telling me that it was ready for me to pick up.  YAY!  I started reading it Friday night and by Sunday morning I was half way through the book.  If you’ve read “The Girl on the Train” I can tell you right now, at this point in the book “The Couple Next Door”  isn’t quite as suspenseful, but still keeps me turning the pages. Although I have a feeling that the suspense is about to pick up!  I don’t want to give anything away, but if you like getting sucked into thrilling mysterious books like I do, I suggest you go pick this one up!






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