Laguna Stay-cation

So as you all know, I love celebrating the little things in life, but this weekend I celebrated something BIG! 6 years with my honey, yep our anniversary!  And how we celebrated was with a little “stay-cation” in Laguna Beach.  Sure it’s less then 10 miles from our house, but it’s gorgeous, fun, and our absolute favorite place in California.  So who cares right?!  We decided to do this semi last minute and thanks to  we got a KILLER deal at Hotel Laguna in the heart of downtown right on the beach!  We came to learn that it’s the oldest hotel in Laguna at over 100 years old!  Our room keys were even ACTUAL keys, when was the last time you saw that!?  When we checked in we had originally planned on just dropping off our stuff and heading out to one of the nearby rooftop bars to watch the sunset, but after seeing the view from our room we decided that it was the best place to be.  So we popped open a bottle that we brought with us from home, and enjoyed the beautiful sunset from our room at our own little private table for two.




Saturday was our full day in Laguna, so to start it out right, we headed across the street to Nick’s for breakfast and mimosas.  If you’re a fan of Chicken and Waffles, you HAVE to come to Nick’s and give their version a try!  It comes with crisp waffles, boneless fried chicken, sausage gravy, diced up nueske’s bacon, and maple syrup.  My boyfriend order it, and even though I’m not typically into Chicken and Waffles, I totally loved Nick’s take on the dish.  The mixture of textures and flavors blew me away, and something about that gravy with the maple syrup just won me over.  The combo might sound a little funky, but believe me, this one’s a winner.


Once we were sufficiently full, we decided a walk was in order.  We stopped by the Laguna Public Library where I picked up two new books and then headed over to the Saturday Farmers Market.  You guys, the falls colors were bursting out everywhere at this market!  I mean, LOOK at the beauty!`I couldn’t get enough!




There were rumors that it was going to rain, but you never know what to believe in Southern California when in comes to rain.  So many times rain will be in the forecast and then not only does it NOT rain, it ends up being 85 degrees!  So to ensure we got in some beach time we headed onto our next adventure to Victoria Beach.  Victoria Beach is one of the most private public beaches in Laguna.  It’s a little tricky to find and there is little to no parking, but if you can get there you’ll be greatly rewarded with a special sight.  It’s home to what the locals call the “Pirate Tower” which resembles a mini whimsical castle.





We explored the little tide pools and splashed around in the bubbly waves until we started feeling rain drops.  At that point we made our way back up to the street as fast as we could and found the closest bus stop. One of the many great things about Laguna is that everyday during the summer and every weekend during the rest of the year, it has a free shuttle.  And as if free wasn’t good enough, it also looks like a little trolley!


Once we were back at the hotel we dried off, read, and napped until it was time for Happy Hour, at which point we hopped back on the little trolley and cruised over  to our #1 go-to Happy Hour spot, La Casa del Camino.  It’s a hotel that includes a restaurant and bar below, a rooftop lounge above, and the most charming little rooms in between.  We love this place so much that we’ve actually stayed here on another mini “stay-cation”.  And every time we have guests in town we make sure it’s one of our first stops.



Everything on the menu is served tapas style, and are quite decadent.  We went with the ” lobster meatballs” which are served over bacon lobster mashed potatoes and finished with a lobster cream sauce, as well as the “truffle risotto” which has lobster and asparagus through out.  You might be thinking ” that must have cost an arm and a leg!”  NOPE!  With their “bonus happy hour” menu we got these two luxurious dishes for $9.50….YES, nine-dollars-and-fifty-cents.  Wooooo!!!!  The down stairs area also hosts live music every weekend, so I’m sure it’s easy to see why this place is #1 in our book.  Since this was our last night in Laguna, we had planned to get all dressed up for a fancy dinner, but after happy hour we were so incredibly satisfied that we decided to spend the rest of our night snuggled up in our room listening to the rain and waves outside our window.  It was the perfect finish to our special weekend.

I hope if you’re ever in Laguna Beach,  that you visit a few of these places.  Whether you’re on vacation, celebrating an anniversary, or just out on a Saturday, these little treasured spots will make your time feel extra special.  And don’t forget the bubbly!



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