Citrus & Sunshine

My parents just arrived from Washington and will be staying with us through the holidays.  So far they are LOVING the weather.  While they’re visiting we have a lot of fun sunny California outings planned, one being citrus picking!  My Dad has been talking about this one for months, so we put it at the top of the list!  This citrus grove is tucked away out of view, behind our house within walking distance.  It’s decently hidden so we had NO CLUE it was there until one of my clients that lives nearby filled me in on it.  What an amazing little secret!  It’s home to several varieties of oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits, mandarins, and even avocados!  The clemintine/mandarin oranges are a winter crop, so this season is the first time we’ve actually seen them growing, and we are obsessed!  I recently learned that they are nicknamed “Christmas Oranges” because of their winter timeline, how cute is that!  As you can see the trees are abundantly full, so we got to pickin’!20161204_105317








How well do you know you’re neighborhood?  We lived in our current location for a year before finding out about this precious gem!  So chat with your neighbors and go exploring while on a evening walk, you never know what might be hidden around the corner!  Now you must excuse me, I turned about 90% of our harvest into the most amazing fresh OJ, so you know what that calls for right? MIMOSAS!




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