Tree Trimming


There’s just something about a glowing tree just makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  Like many of you, I’m sure, I have several fond memories of decorating the Christmas tree as a child.  My family always had an artificial tree, so all  my mom had to do was go into the closet underneath our stairs, pull out the boxes marked “CHRISTMAS” and we were ready to rock and roll!  Since moving to California 5 years ago, we’ve only had a Christmas tree once.  Since my boyfriend and I are both from the Seattle area, we typically travel home for the holidays, and to avoid coming back to a dried up tree, or having an artificial tree take up precious closet space during the rest of the year, we just forego the tree and decorate our living space with twinkle lights, stockings, and a few festive odds and ends.  This year my parents, sister, and her boyfriend are visiting US for the holidays.  I’m beyond excited to have my family sharing my home this Christmas!  It’s such a special treat, and it also means after 4 long years we finally get to have a tree again!  And only a real one will do.  You just can’t beat that fresh pine scent!




Growing up, our tree was always adorn with multi colored lights, an eclectic collection of ornaments ranging from colorful glass balls, hand made projects from school, cartoon characters, and our favorite little gingerbread man shaped ones that smelled like sweet cinnamon cookies.   As an adult, I enjoy having a themed tree.  Smooth and textured glass balls in shades silver and turquoise along with a few icicles and snowflakes.  The colors remind of Seattle and the water, and one special ornament ties it all together.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!



What kind of tree is in your home?  Do you go with the “little bit a everything” route or a themed tree like me?  Real or artificial?  I would love to hear about YOUR tree!  Leave me a comment with your tree details below!  It will be like driving through your neighborhood and seeing glimpses of you neighbors trees in the window!




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