While having my folks and sister in town for the holidays, my reading was put aside, and I happily spent all my extra time soaking up as much quality family time as possible.  Now that everyone has started their journeys back to Seattle I’m settling back into my normal routine, but before getting back in too deep, last night I decided to give myself a bit of “me” time.  In my mind there was no better way to do this than to dive back into my latest book.

“Her” by Harriet Lane is a Thriller (my fav genre) with two main characters, Emma and Nina.  Each chapter is marked with one of their names, and is then told through the namesakes perspective.  Emma and Nina start an unlikely friendship and although Emma sees Nina as a NEW person in her life, Nina somehow knows Emma from earlier in life, but doesn’t share this information with Emma.  As the chapters go back and forth between the characters it seems that Nina is out for revenge, but for what exactly is unclear.  So far “HER” has been very different than any other thriller that I’ve read, and I’m digging it!  There’s so much mystery and deceit I’m so intrigued to see how everything comes together in the end!  Will Emma all of a sudden remember Nina?  Or is Nina going to reveal herself?  Ahhh I NEED to finish this book and find out!


If you haven’t read this one yet, put it on your list!  And when you get to Emma’s Chapter starting on page 187, do yourself a favor and read it like I did… I ran myself a bath, poured a glass of wine, and lit a scented candle.  I chose Santa Julia Innovacion Torrontes Pinot Grigio for my wine and Homesick Washington edition for my candle, but choose whatever tickles your fancy!  This chapter combined with my bath and wine completely swept me away.  I felt like I was on vacation in France, and IT WAS FABULOUS.  Just trust me on this one, you won’t be disappointed!




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