Top 5 favorites of early 2017

Overall, I consider myself somewhat of a minimalist.  I’m constantly getting rid of things and I hate having “extras” of an item saved for later or having items in excess.  For example, I don’t see the point in having more than one pair of running shoes.  I will continue to wear the same pair until they’re sufficiently worn out and then get a new pair after I toss or donate the old pair.  It’s a similar situation with my master bedroom bedding.  I have one set of sheets, pillow cases, and duvet cover that I adore, and when I remove them to clean, my bed stays naked for the hour or so it takes to wash and dry everything.  That being said I’m not a perfect minimalist.  I can never have enough dresses, my closet is FULL of them.  Clothing is my weak spot for sure.  Life is all about balance though right?  So one bed set and one pair of running shoes to my 1,000 dresses totally works!  I know you can’t read sarcasm, but I’m HOPING you all laughed at that last part!  ANYWAY,   when I do find new items that are super useful or bring a positive aspect into my life, I’m all about it! And today I’d like to share with you my top 5 favorite things so far in 2017.  A few are brand new to me, and a couple are oldies that continue to bring extreme joy and improve my everyday life.  They are all very different as well, so I’m bringing them to you in no particular order, I love them all equally for what they bring to the table.


1. Kate Spade New York “All In Good Taste” Travel Tumbler 

Kate Spade "All In Good Taste" Travel Tumbler

This thing is AMAZING! Not only is it cute and doesn’t leak in my purse, but it also keeps hot liquids hot for 3 hours and cold items cold for 9 hours.  This is ideal for my Arbonne detox tea.  Being a massage practitioner, there are days that I don’t have time to finish my tea between clients, but with this tumbler it’s not an issue.  As long as I close the mouth piece it stays nice and hot.  And when it says they say keeps your hot liquids hot for 3 hours, it means the liquid doesn’t start cooling down for 3 hours, so really your liquids will stay at least warm for longer. YAY! Get yours here.


2. Kung Fu Tonic 2

This wee bottle packs a punch!  Kung Fu Tonic 2 is a natural immunity booster that’s organic, raw, vegan, an just plain awesome!  With ingredients including apple cider vinegar, heirloom garlic, ginger, cayenne, and turmeric it’s not only good for you, but freaking delicious!  Just opening the bottle a smelling this stuff makes my mouth water. It’s made locally in Laguna Beach California, but can also be ordered online and shipped anywhere!  You can take this tonic straight by itself or use it to enhance your favorite foods.  I enjoy it drizzled over a salad along with a little extra apple cider vinegar and avocado oil.  A  little bit goes a long way!  Learn more and order yours here.

kung fu tonic 2

kung fu tonic 2


3. “Get It Done” Weekly Planning Notebook

So you might be thinking, “Okay it’s a planner, so what?”  This is SOOO not just a planner though!  There are several well thought out sections in this spiral notebook that help you stay on track.  Monday – Friday each have a section for three “Top Priority” items so you can cross those off before anything else, along with a water section to help make sure you’re getting in your 8 glasses a day!  Other great features include a “Things To Be Thankful For” section, a page for weekly menu planning with shopping list, and a full “ETC” page for anything extra you need to remember.  And what’s even better is each week is completely customizable, in that you fill in the dates yourself.  So say one week you’re away on vacation in Belize and you don’t use you planner, you won’t be wasting any pages because they aren’t preset like your typical yearly planner/calendar.  LOVE THIS!  It’s perfect for starting this new year off right!  Nice and organized!  Get it done, here.

Get It Done

Get It Done

Get It Done

4. Mieroglyphs Bracelet

Like many ladies, I enjoy accessories.  Especially jewelry.  These bracelets are hand crafted, vegan, and cruelty-free.  Each bracelet comes with a positive inspirational quote engraved on the inside, but if you have a special quote or mantra that’s special to you, they will happily engrave it in your bracelet and make it one of kind.  The bracelet sizes can be made perfect for your wrist too!  They come in several different designs.  The one I chose is called “Cappo.”  I was drawn to it because of the plaid design.  It’s the perfect bit of pop for an otherwise plain outfit, plus plaid never goes out of style!  (HELLO, BURBERRY?!)  I also really like the “naked” design which is just plain cork along with your choice of metal clasp.  On their website they state “Our intent as the Mieroglyphs organization is to provide accessories as vehicles for motivation, inspiration and positivity. With every Mieroglyphs order you can feel good about being a responsible and conscientious consumer.”  All of this makes me happy, and here at Yes To Champagne it is my focus to find the little things in life that makes one feel good.  This bracelet and company completely fit the bill!  Find what design speaks to you, here.  PS! Use code TRACI for 20% off your order!





5. Arbonne Essentials Sleep Well Spray

This is my nighttime savior.  I struggle with having a busy mind as soon as my head hits the pillow.  At times it can keep me awake even if I’m exhausted.  When this happens I reach for my Arbonne Sleep Well Spray.  It’s a slightly sweet lemon-y flavored spray full of Arbonne’s personally engineered vegan melatonin and botanical blend that gently whisks you away to dreamland without the groggy side affects.   Whether I need to calm my mind or need to be well rested for an important day a head, I can always count on this blue bottle to help me get my ZZZ’s.  It never leaves my bedside table.  Stop counting sheep and grab a bottle here.

Arbonne Sleep Well Spray


And there you have it, my top 5 favorites of early 2017!  With these items in toe, this year is bound to start off on the right foot.  Maybe they will become a few of your favorites as well <3




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