California Bucket List

California Bucket List

When it comes to fun activities and experiences, California has a lot to offer.  You can even go surfing AND snowboarding in the same day if your heart so desires.  Over the last few years we’ve checked a few activities off our “must do” list, including wine tasting in Napa and Sonoma, riding the famous trolleys and eating fresh crab on Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, and getting away from it all during a long weekend on Catalina Island.  But there’s still so much to see and do that I decided to start a “California Bucket List” to keep track of everything and to give us a better chance of actually getting out there and DOING these things.  I tend to be a bit forgetful, so lists like this help!  Here’s what we’ve come up with so far.

1.  Take the train….ANYWHERE

With train stations dotted through the state, there’s several locations to choose from.  The Pacific Surfliner Train boast “a unique vantage on the Southern California seascape”  which definitely peaks my interest.  Regardless of our final destination, with a quick visit to the bar cart paired with some beautiful coastal views, the train ride alone should be a pretty nice experience all in itself.

2.  Weekend trip to Santa Barbara

My boyfriend Joel made a visit Santa Barbara for his cousins wedding a couple months before I made the big move down from Seattle.  I remember him telling me how beautiful it was and that he HAD to take me there one day.  Years later with jobs and just LIFE happening, we still haven’t made it up there. Hopefully by putting it on this list, we can make it a reality!

3. Day trip to Stone Brewery 

Joel is a big fan of IPA’s and in particular, Stone IPA.  Stone has two brewery locations in Southern California.  We’ve been told that if we had to choose between the two, the Escondido location wins out.  Apparently the grounds surrounding the brewery consist of luscious gardens and pretty water features.  I’m not a beer drinker myself, so this feature along with some yummy food from their kitchen will make this a fun outing for the both of us!


This trend has been going strong for a while now, and we want in on it!   The hardest part is going to be choosing between staying in a classic Air Stream, a fancy canvas tent, or a vintage trailer by the ocean.  Heck, maybe we’ll do all three!

As of right now, that’s the list!  If you have any other suggestions for my list I would LOVE to hear them!  I’m all about exploring this state and experiencing it’s finest, big and small!  And if you want to get out and see a little more of your current living area, I suggest making a bucket list of your own!  You know that saying “if you build it and they will come”?  WELLLLLL… if you write it down, it will happen!  It could be the small first step you need to start the grand adventure you’ve been dreaming of!



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