Where the heart is…

Where the heart is

Sooooo in my last post California Lovin’ I briefly talked about how sometimes big changes happen in life, and they fall into place so effortlessly that you just can’t help but think “This is totally what I’m suppose to be doing in life right now, I’m where I’m meant to be!”  Well the winds are changing direction over here and blowing us up to SEATTLE!!!  And so far it’s been pretty smooth sailing!  That’s right, thanks to some amazing opportunities brought to us from the PNW, we are returning back to our roots and starting a new exciting chapter in our lives closer to friends and family.

Over the past year or so Seattle has been tugging on my heart strings, trying to bring me back.  With my parents getting older, and other parts of our family expanding, being closer to family is something I’ve been yearning for.  At the same time, things have been going really well for my boyfriend Joel and I down here in California, so the idea of leaving has been hard to sit with as well.  So instead of fussing over a decision and stressing out over if I made the right decision or not, I decided to just continue living life and wait for a sign.  I can be stubborn sometimes though, and need a VERY clear sign to say “HEY YOU, TRACI!  IT’S TIME TO GO THIS WAY NOW!”  Knowing that this decision wouldn’t be made by just me, I needed a sign that spoke to both Joel and I.  And that sign recently showed up in the form of incredible job opportunity for Joel.  It wasn’t something he was looking for, but when it presented itself, we both knew it was our sign.  This new place of employment would not only move him forward in big and exciting ways, but would also bring us HOME.  

Within the next few weeks we will be packing up everything we own into a moving truck and doing a little road trip back to the PNW!  Follow along on Instagram and see our adventure once we hit the road! To new beginnings…




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