Farewell and HELLO!

Farewell and HELLO!

Two nights before we started our road trip to the Pacific Northwest, we had a little “Going Away” gathering.  I adore that this photo above was candid, and totally captured all the love, support, and excitement that was present that night, it seriously makes my heart overflow…

And now we have officially made it back to our beloved city of Seattle! Since we’ve arrived, although not much blogging has happened, I’ve stayed busy!   We’ve been touring condos around the city, looking for our new permanent home, enjoying the spring sun breaks by taking afternoon walks and admiring all the beautiful blooming flowers, I’ve been my sister’s in home dinner chef (YAY for having extra people to cook for!  Some people may see this as a chore, but not me,  I LOVE IT!)  and just overall experiencing everything this amazing city has to offer.  Next week stay tuned, as I will be rolling out a few of our last California adventures before we hit the road.  Until then, I hope you all enjoy your weekend, I know I will!




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