Picnic Surprise

I love surprises!  Giving them or receiving them, big or small!  With all our moving preparations in full swing, I wanted to put together something fun for Joel to come home to.  Just a little something to allow us to step away from the packing, breath for a moment, and enjoy.  Behind where we live is a very large grassy park, a perfect place to bring the kiddos, play with your puppy, or have a nice picnic.  I had the day off from work, so I decided I was going to surprise Joel with an evening picnic in that park!  Even with most of our kitchen items already packed up, I knew with a few key items I could pull together an awesome spread.  So I grabbed my favorite platter and a blanket scarf, packed up some fresh snacks along with a mini bottle of bubbles, and headed off to the set it all up.  On the menu was smoked salmon lettuce wraps, shrimp cocktail, sliced apples, and my homemade spicy dill pickle spears! (I’ll blog that recipe soon!) Easy-peasy and delicious!  Joel texted me when he got home, wondering where I was.  I told him that I was at the park and to come to meet me! Originally I hadn’t planned on turning this activity into a blog post, but Joel said when he received my text he “knew I was being cute and up to something” so he grabbed his camera.  And I’m glad he did!  It gave me the opportunity to share this with you all, and show you once again that it’s the little things that make life so great, and that you should celebrate them!  Sure the photos might not be perfect, but they’re 100% in the moment!  So if you’d like to do something to surprise your honey, skip the flowers or fancy dinner out, and just head to the park or beach!  With a few snacks or even just a thermos of bubbly in hand, send that text “Come meet me here! XO” and then watch an ordinary day turn into something extraordinary!  I really hope you do!!!



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