DIY Boot Inserts

If you’ve been following along with me on Instagram (NOW missyestochampagne) you know that my boyfriend and I recently bought a new home in Seattle!  We have an investment property as well, but this is our FIRST home in which we are actually living!  Soooooo, I really want to get deep into organization and do things around the house that I’ve always put off because “it’s a rental, we probably won’t be here long, just throw it in the closet.”  Just kidding I never just THREW something in the closet…..well maybe…HA!!!  Regardless, today I accomplished a mini project that I’ve seen  a million times on Pinterest, and fixed a a problem that seriously always drove me crazy.

BOOT INSERTS!  Or whatever they’re actually called.  Something that allows your boots to stand up straight instead of flopping over all sad and pathetic like.  Our bedroom closet is currently open (I disliked the previous doors, and since a closet organizer was already installed, I figured, why not just leave it open for a while?) so making my boots stand up made their section of the open closet a bit more aesthetically pleasing, and I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for things that are aesthetically pleasing!


So what is the secret behind these magical boot inserts?  Pool Noodles.  The little foam like “floaty” toys you use in the pool.  I personally picked mine up at the local dollar store, so not only is this DIY project easy, it’s inexpensive.  For $2 I was able to make 4 sets of inserts.  That’s 50 cents each people!  This is how I did it.

My pool noodles measured at 47 1/2 inches.  I made three cuts on each noodle just under the 12 inche mark.  I honestly just took a kitchen knife and cutting board and did this on my bedroom floor in front of my closet.


Once I was done cutting, I just slide one piece of noodle into each boot and the project was finished!  I know the photo above only shows three pairs of boots, but the project DOES make four pairs.  Below is a before & after shot of our closet. Not perfect, but this is real life and I’m  A-OK with that!  I think my boots and closet look much happier now!


This project is way too simple NOT to try, especially if you’re a boot lover!  I hope you give it a go!  Happy DIYing!





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